Morrish’s Launches Online Ordering System

Morrish’s Launches Online Ordering System

We recently installed new terminals at Morrish’s Fish Restaurant in Redruth. We were tasked with modernising the whole order process to provide both a better customer experience and better reporting and functionality back of house.

We installed terminals in both the takeaway and restaurant running ICRTouch TouchPoint software, iPads with PocketTouch to instantly print orders from the table service restaurant to the kitchen, where orders from both the takeaway and restaurant are displayed on separate touchscreen kitchen monitors running ICRTouch TouchKitchen.

We show a traffic light coloured system on the screen and track the cooking time of all orders, staff are alerted if an order is beyond their target service times and service times can be reviewed after the sales are completed.

Takeaway orders are also presented to the customers in the waiting area on a branded collection screen, which shows them when their order is ready for collection from the counter as well as the expected wait time on new orders.

We work closely with Dynamek to fulfil much of our website design and tasked them to design a website for Morrish’s which we configured to post orders directly into the till system, presented alongside all other sales so that customer orders can be selected for payment when they arrive to collect them at their requested time. Why not treat yourself to fish and chips and check the system out? Order online at

As accepting a single concurrent call for takeaway orders is also a limiting factor in a thriving takeaway, we are installing a VoIP comms solution which will allow for multiple inbound and outbound calls at the fraction of the cost of having multiple line rentals and with cheaper call rates. This is a solution we provide from everyone from home workers and tradesmen to retail and hospitality chains.

All sales data can be reviewed in real time on the TouchWebOffice system, we also offer integration of the system with CCTV to allow searchable footage by transaction value, products sold, till features used, etc.