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Save money, concurrent calls over a single internet connection.
Transfer your current phone number. Digital receptionist, voicemail, call recording, etc.



With optional 10 year warranty, this is the most robust system in the market.
German engineered, with options for dedicated water and drop proof mobile terminals, or iOS/Android apps for table service.
The longevity of this equipment makes the cost of ownership very low.



ICRTouch is the UK's leading EPoS software provider, with over 80,000 installs nationwide.

ICRTouch craft and continually enhance a host of Point of Sale products to make your business run more easily and efficiently. The modular software suite encompasses hospitality point of sale, integrated card payments, online customer loyalty and gift cards, real time cloud reporting and stock, table ordering, online ordering and much more.

Why we are best placed to install your ICRTouch solution

Integrated solutions

Our wide ranging expertise and carefully selected product lines allow for integration with custom built online ordering websites, caller ID, CCTV, hotel PMS.

Local Knowledge and On-Site Support

Providing on-site support across Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly on a same day emergency basis, we have you covered. We regularly install systems overnight to accommodate service times.

Aftersales Support

With our comprehensive support packages we offer antivirus, cloud backup, phone and remote support. Fire/flood/theft or terminal failure? Not a problem - we can get you up and running with a system fully configured as yours was minutes before the event and ready to trade. Our remote and phone support allows us to support you in real time and guide you through any changes. We can also program and schedule all menu changes to happen automatically when you need, to save you the trouble.

24/7 Phone Support

24/7 Phone Support available to all customers with appropriate support contracts. Office hours phone support available on an ad-hoc basis with no contract required.

Bespoke Solutions

Think outside the box! With the powerful ETAL scripting engine we can bespoke a solution to integrate with your software package, or enhance functionality as you require.

Hardware Monitoring

We monitor all hardware covered by support contract, or within warranty period. Any maintenance required is undertaken proactively before problems arise, keeping you trading with no downtime or lost sales.

ICRTouch Software Packages

Follow the links below for further product information and contact us for a site survey and demonstration
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Over 83,000 TouchPoint Licenses Sold


Over 12,000 clients connected to TouchOfficeWeb


Over £3bn total sales value processed through TouchOfficeWeb


Growth, year on year for past 3 years


See the vast range of applications from this powerful software solution

Latest News

News of our latest installations, product launches and more...

Morrish’s Launches Online Ordering System

We recently installed new terminals at Morrish’s Fish Restaurant in Redruth. We were tasked with modernising the whole order process to provide both a better customer experience and better reporting and functionality back of house. We installed terminals in both<a class="more-link" href="https://www.cornishservices.co.uk/2017/06/19/morrishs-launches-online-ordering-system/" title="Morrish’s Launches Online Ordering System"><span>Read more</span></a>

Come and see us in our showroom, or book an on site demonstration

See what our systems can do for you. As a single point of contact for all your tech solutions, we can deliver integrated solutions that give you better reporting data, user experience, functionality and reliability than can otherwise be achieved. We can work with any existing solutions provider or your in house technical staff as required.

CES Software

CES Software

A very flexible package, suited to both hospitality and retail sites.
Our installations have included an 18 lane supermarket, golf clubs, deli’s, pubs and builders merchants. Real time cloud reporting, resdiary integration, customer accounts with emailed statements/invoices and a wealth of other features makes CES Inno a hugely popular product.



We specialise in integrated CCTV solutions. We record transaction data to a searchable database, so that you can find a transactions for a specific item, sales function, value, operator, etc.

We can supply any of our systems as stand-alone too.

IT Support

IT Support

We can supply/support any IT requirements. From sole traders to schools, we can tailor a package to suit you or offer support on an adhoc basis.