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ICRTouch PocketTouch

ICRTouch PocketTouch

The paper-free way to take food and drinks orders

ICRTouch’s PocketTouch is the professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. This revolutionary EpoS software for hand-held devices has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industry. At the touch of a screen orders are recorded and processed straight to the heart of your kitchen from the waiting staff’s hand-held ordering device. In conjunction with a wireless credit card terminal, orders can be paid for at the table.

PocketTouch’s extra garnish…

PocketTouch prompts waiting staff to get the little things right. Trust it to remind servers to ask if the customer prefers fries or if the steak should be medium. Programme it to your exact requirements. If an item is sold out, PocketTouch will warn waiting staff: You can’t order two lasagnes if PocketTouch knows there is only one left in the kitchen. Plus, for those occasions when an item isn’t on the menu, PocketTouch incorporates the option to add hand-written messages using a touch screen pen or touch screen stylus.

PocketTouch offers….

• Improved customer service – less waiting around
• Faster table turnaround
• Easy up-selling

From table to kitchen…direct.

Once the order is confirmed PocketTouch sends it straight to the kitchen from the hand-held ordering device, virtually eliminating mistakes.

• Information is clear and legible…chef can worry about the food and not the handwriting.
• Faster service. Chef can get cooking immediately and there is no delay as waiting staff walk the order through to the kitchen.
• Waiting staff stay on the floor (which is exactly where they should be). They can continue to take orders until the food is ready to be served.

From table to till…direct

Each order is sent straight to the till. Choose ICRTouch’s TouchPoint touch screen till software to keep track of every order at every table – from pre-drinks to pudding.  When it’s time for the final bill the information is already in one place and totalling up is easy.

Show me the money..

Bills can be printed out via PocketTouch and paid for either at the touch till or at the table (in conjunction with a wireless credit card terminal). Let the EPoS software do the hard work.

PocketTouch prints….

PocketTouch collates and prints all the information you’ll need, including names of waiting staff, order time, table number and special instructions.

Now on Android 2.2 or above and Apple iOS devices everywhere!

The decision to bring PocketTouch to the Android platform has been driven by the massive influx of low cost Android tablets that are now available affording much more choice to the end user.

Additionally, ICRTouch are pleased to announce that, in response to popular demand, PocketTouch for iDevices is now available from the Apple Appstore, ready to run on iPadsiPods and iPhones of all shapes and sizes! Free to download, PocketTouch initially runs in ‘demo mode’ so that you can try it out connected to your TouchPoint till system (in demo mode, all PLU’s are priced at £1).

It should be noted that PocketTouch is designed as a companion app to our TouchPoint EPoS system, and may need on site service to be configured.

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Vectron MobilePro III

Vectron MobilePro III

Mobile POS system: the waterproof POS Mobile Pro III

The Vectron POS MobilePro III is an extremely robust and completely waterproof mobile point of sale system, which is perfectly suitable for indoor- and outdoor use. Thanks to the practical touch screen-keyboard combination, it can be operated particularly quickly and is especially suitable for companies with a high customer frequency or at peak times. The mobile pos is small, light and ergonomically shaped for comfortable operation. The Vectron POS MobilePro III does not require an extra server station. It is a fully-fledged POS system that provides all functions of a stationary system and is equipped with RFID reader, WLAN- and Bluetooth interface as standard.

The POS systems work without internet connection, all data are saved within the devices, not in a cloud.

Robust, ergonomic restaurant pos

With the POS MobilePro III Vectron presents the third generation of mobile POS systems. The robust housing from anodized aluminium and high-quality plastic is both light and enormously scratch- and shock-proof with the result that the POS MobilePro III displays outstanding break resistance. The housing is ergonomically shaped and the keys are designed to ensure safe and easy operation. The capacitive touch screen uses the same technology as modern smart phones and tablets. It is wear-free, convenient to operate and easy to clean.

The high-quality TFT-LCD with LED-backlight boasts good legibility even in sunlight, high-contrast display with brilliant colours and very low power consumption.


  • Fully-fledged mobile POS system
  • Ergonomic shape allows one-hand operation
  • Completely water- and dustproof
  • High-contrast, sunlight-suitable colour display with automatic brightness adjustment
  • Capacitive touch screen with scratch-proof glass surface
  • Fast, powerful processor
  • Automatic data transmission when returning from areas without radio communication to transmission zones
  • WLAN, Bluetooth and RFID reader as standard
  • Micro USB port, Micro-SD- and chip card slot
  • Powerful exchange battery
  • Extensive selection of accessories and peripherals