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ICRTouch CollectionPoint

ICRTouch CollectionPoint

CollectionPoint displays in-progress orders, software that will keep the waiting area organised by allowing customers to view their order status.

CollectionPoint displays open orders on a screen or monitor directly from the TouchPoint till, so that customers can take a seat and keep an eye on their order’s progress in the queue. When an order is ready to collect, an attention grabbing animation for the corresponding ticket will pop-up on the screen along with an audio announcement to notify the relevant customer that their order is ready for collection. A simple solution to a common crowding problem.

CollectionPoint is customisable and can be branded to match the venue’s interior design. It’s design features also provide an opportunity for advertising space on a display that customers will be fully engaged in for a number of minutes, maximising the potential for promotions and the possibility of additional advertiser revenue.

Whether it is for restaurants, attraction parks, warehouse stores or waiting rooms, CollectionPoint can provide a simple yet professional way of notifying customers where their ticket is in a queue, the current average waiting time and when their ticket is called.

For those times when customers cannot wait within view of the screen to track their order progress, CollectionPoint features an online progress tracker for orders. This feature allows for congestion around the collection point to be reduced if necessary.

CollectionPoint is also fully integrated with TouchKitchen (kitchen video available on iOS, Windows and Android), to allow the chef to notify completed orders direct from the kitchen.

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ICRTouch TouchReservation

ICRTouch TouchReservation

TouchReservation offers diners the ultimate in choice and flexibility.

TouchReservation restaurant booking software, by leading EPoS software design firm ICRTouch, allows diners to make restaurant table reservations online.

TouchReservation is the perfect accompaniment to ICRTouch’s flagship point of sale touch screen till software TouchPoint. Reliable and proven, TouchPoint has been developed over 15 years and (thanks to annual software upgrades) it remains cutting edge. For a top class experience, even before your customer enters your restaurant, and for a truly competitive package, choose our TouchReservation restaurant booking system.

ICRTouch has over 30 years experience in developing and supplying EPoS systems and we’ve sold approximately 80,000 software licences.

TouchReservation Integrates directly with TouchPoint tills...

  • You only need a website and broadband.
  • Flexible: View bookings at the till, on the office pc, or remotely from any web-enabled device.
  • Features a standard floor plan editor that automatically updates your website. Make the software look as unique as your restaurant.

TouchReservation is smart

It won’t allocate that tiny table in the corner to a party of six. It automatically allocates tables based on the number of guests. For the diners who book over the phone, or who walk in without a reservation, TouchReservation allows front of house staff to allocate tables at the till, updating the floor plan accordingly.

TouchReservation doesn’t stop taking bookings when your kitchen is shut and it doesn’t panic when the dinner rush starts.

TouchReservation accepts online bookings while you’re open and it continues to do so long after the ovens cool down.

On the go…

  • Tonight’s table seven could be out on the town right now and they're looking for somewhere to eat on a smartphone.
  • TouchReservation is optimised for mobile devices, allowing reservations to be made on the move.
  • Home or away, customers are sent email confirmation.
  • Cuts down on the chance of double booking a table. If it isn’t available, it won’t be allocated.

Making it all add up...

  • ICRTouch doesn’t impose a minimum contract for TouchReservation.
  • No charge for licences per user.

No set-up fee

  • Reservations are your own.
  • No individual transaction fee.
  • No charge per booking, per cover, or percentage of the sale.

TouchReservation in action

For an example of how to use and understand the benefits of TouchReservation restaurant reservation software we have developed a test website that will demonstrate the system and how it can dramatically improve the efficiency of your reservations.

Please go to:

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ICRTouch TouchTopup

ICRTouch TouchTopup

Enhance your customer experience with a TouchTopUp Pre-Paid Cashless Card Solution

TouchTopUp is a fully integrated pre-paid cashless card system providing proven benefits in both the public and private sectors, including clients in education, healthcare, leisure, corporate and retail across the UK and Europe.

Proven benefits to your business and your customers

Pre-paid cashless systems provide many benefits for the business offering the service and for their customers;

  • Without the hassle of cash, it reduces queueing times and increases the speed of service – meaning you can deal with larger volumes of customers more easily.
  • Transactions are faster and more secure.
  • It provides the business, caterers or local authorities with useful data on sales numbers, income and menu choices, helping to avoid wastage and better respond to demands and trends
  • … therefore saving time and money.

For schools, it helps to ensure that the money given to pupils is spent in school, and because parents can view the details of each individual transaction, they are able to monitor their childrens food choices. It can also help remove the stigma of free school meals by protecting a pupils anonymity at the point of sale. Removing cash from pupils pockets also reduces the opportunity for theft or bullying.

A name you can trust

TouchTopUp is designed and built by leading UK EPoS system provider ICRTouch, with the same reliability and expertise that makes our state-of-the-art TouchPoint Touch Screen point of sales systems the market leader, and backed by the same network of over 300 dealers.

TouchTopUp can be integrated directly into a network of EPoS touch screen tills.

TouchTopUp offers customers the flexibility to top up accounts either on site with cash or via credit or debit cards on the internet:

TouchTopUp securely on site

  • The TouchTopUp secure wall mounted unit provides users with a simple and effective way of topping up their card balances with cash.
  • TouchTopUp features on-screen prompting assists customers with their transactions.
  • TouchTopUp accepts UK coins (5p to £2) and notes (up to £20), though is easily switched to accept different tender, and is already used and loved in Europe.
  • TouchTopUp provides a number of back office functions for system administrators; it will print and email daily reports, monitor how much money has been credited and how many people have used the unit.
  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, TouchTopUp will send an email alert. It will warn you if it is full, or if it needs maintenance.
  • From time to time you’ll want to update your TouchTopUp machine. There’s a handy USB Port which makes upgrading simple.
  • The TouchTopUp unit is made from high grade steel and has twin locks.

TouchTopUp securely online

  • TouchTopUp provides online functionality from desktop, mobile or tablet for customers to manage and monitor their accounts, including topping up their card accounts and viewing transactions right down to individual item details.
  • provides the ability to manage multiple customer accounts from a single login, where you are a member of multiple participating schemes; for example, a single user might have accounts for their childrens school meals, the company cafeteria and the Golf Club all accessible and managed via the one login.
  • gives users the convenience of being able to top up from a credit or debit card or through their existing online payment accounts (e.g. PayPal)

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ICRTouch TouchTakeaway

ICRTouch TouchTakeaway

TouchTakeaway is an online ordering platform for any kind of takeaway, from a single mobile kitchen in a remote location to a chain of fast food restaurants.

Installation and management couldn’t be simpler; not only do ICRTouch provide secure, premium web hosting for every single site, but our team of web specialists will build your online ordering service for you, ensuring a robust and user friendly experience with seamless integration with your existing web presence.

What’s more, there are no expensive order commissions cutting into your turnover – just a fixed monthly fee.

For customers who want to maintain their branding and process their own transactions, we have plugins for WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Shopify. We can work with your web designer or supply our own.
Why not treat yourselves to fish and chips and check out the system as supplied to one of our customers

ICRTouch TouchMenu

ICRTouch TouchMenu

Flexible Digital Signage with TouchMenu

Replace your static, fixed menu displays with TouchMenu, the virtual menu board presented on a large screen display. TouchMenu delivers flexibility, stunning graphics and smooth transitions and is the perfect EPoS partner to complement your EPoS system.

ICRTouch has over 30 years of experience in developing and supplying EPoS systems, with 80,000 software licences nationwide.

Show a cafe or restaurant’s food and drinks menu in an attractive, enticing way. Product sizes, prices and layout can all be adjusted to present the information just the way that you want it.

TouchMenu is also smart, neatly connecting in with your TouchPoint till, and takes note of stock levels to adjust the display menu accordingly; ideal for specials boards, with the specials modified or cleared throughout the day.

Update your product list, no problem; TouchMenu automatically slots the new products into place with no expensive re-printing of traditional signs or banners.

TouchMenu can rotate between pages, giving the flexibility to be used for more than just a digital menu display. Slide through advertising bulletins, still images or short video clips, and start turning the digital signage solution into another revenue stream. An ideal solution whether it is for Guinness sponsoring rugby events or informing customers about upcoming events, quiz nights and happy hours.

TouchMenu can deliver your message effectively, projecting a profession image whatever your venue.

ICRTouch TouchKitchen

ICRTouch TouchKitchen

Transforming cafes and restaurants

ICRTouch’s TouchKitchen EPoS software transforms the way cafe and restaurant food orders are processed. From steak and chips to mushroom risotto, a diner’s choice is displayed on a screen in the kitchen, eliminating the need for paper and print-outs.


When waiting staff take an order, TouchKitchen receives information directly from the TouchPoint till system or PocketTouch hand-held ordering device. Chefs don’t have to rely on the order being brought to the kitchen, so they can get cooking straight away.

TouchKitchen displays orders on either a smartphone, tablet or display screen. The graphics mimic a conventional paper order or print-out, but with the TouchKitchen there is greater flexibility and mistakes are much less likely.

  • Orders can be shelved between courses or cleared altogether when the meal is finished.
  • Information is clear and legible and there’s no room for misunderstanding over what’s been ordered.
  • Orders can’t be misplaced and they can be recalled even after they’ve been cleared.
  • Edit food orders by crossing out completed dishes.

TouchKitchen is adaptable….

Orders can be moved around the screen, restacked and reordered. Once the starter is complete, orders can be held until it’s time to cook the main. TouchKitchen is available on any iOS, Android, Windows device or display screen to suit any size of kitchen, and the individual orders can be enlarged or reduced. The screen can handle unlimited orders and it can be scrolled to allow them all to be read. Personalise TouchKitchen by changing the text size, colour and position of the orders.

On its own or in a group….

TouchKitchen EPoS software operates on its own or linked to other units. You might like one in the kitchen, one in the preparation area and one on the floor, to allow waiting staff to track orders.

TouchKitchen is flexible…

TouchKitchen, together with our TouchPoint point of sale software, offers a complete EPoS system scalable for many types of catering businesses and retail establishments, whether providing table service or takeaways & delivery,whether single or multi-site. TouchKitchen is already providing proven benefits in :

  • Fast Food Outlets
  • Cafeteria
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs & Bars
  • Hotels

ICRTouch PocketTouch

ICRTouch PocketTouch

The paper-free way to take food and drinks orders

ICRTouch’s PocketTouch is the professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. This revolutionary EpoS software for hand-held devices has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industry. At the touch of a screen orders are recorded and processed straight to the heart of your kitchen from the waiting staff’s hand-held ordering device. In conjunction with a wireless credit card terminal, orders can be paid for at the table.

PocketTouch’s extra garnish…

PocketTouch prompts waiting staff to get the little things right. Trust it to remind servers to ask if the customer prefers fries or if the steak should be medium. Programme it to your exact requirements. If an item is sold out, PocketTouch will warn waiting staff: You can’t order two lasagnes if PocketTouch knows there is only one left in the kitchen. Plus, for those occasions when an item isn’t on the menu, PocketTouch incorporates the option to add hand-written messages using a touch screen pen or touch screen stylus.

PocketTouch offers….

• Improved customer service – less waiting around
• Faster table turnaround
• Easy up-selling

From table to kitchen…direct.

Once the order is confirmed PocketTouch sends it straight to the kitchen from the hand-held ordering device, virtually eliminating mistakes.

• Information is clear and legible…chef can worry about the food and not the handwriting.
• Faster service. Chef can get cooking immediately and there is no delay as waiting staff walk the order through to the kitchen.
• Waiting staff stay on the floor (which is exactly where they should be). They can continue to take orders until the food is ready to be served.

From table to till…direct

Each order is sent straight to the till. Choose ICRTouch’s TouchPoint touch screen till software to keep track of every order at every table – from pre-drinks to pudding.  When it’s time for the final bill the information is already in one place and totalling up is easy.

Show me the money..

Bills can be printed out via PocketTouch and paid for either at the touch till or at the table (in conjunction with a wireless credit card terminal). Let the EPoS software do the hard work.

PocketTouch prints….

PocketTouch collates and prints all the information you’ll need, including names of waiting staff, order time, table number and special instructions.

Now on Android 2.2 or above and Apple iOS devices everywhere!

The decision to bring PocketTouch to the Android platform has been driven by the massive influx of low cost Android tablets that are now available affording much more choice to the end user.

Additionally, ICRTouch are pleased to announce that, in response to popular demand, PocketTouch for iDevices is now available from the Apple Appstore, ready to run on iPadsiPods and iPhones of all shapes and sizes! Free to download, PocketTouch initially runs in ‘demo mode’ so that you can try it out connected to your TouchPoint till system (in demo mode, all PLU’s are priced at £1).

It should be noted that PocketTouch is designed as a companion app to our TouchPoint EPoS system, and may need on site service to be configured.

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ICRTouch TouchOfficeWeb

ICRTouch TouchOfficeWeb

Try it for yourself
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Reach new heights with TouchOffice Web EPoS System

TouchOffice Web is a Cloud-based version of ICRTouch’s popular TouchOffice EPoS back office software.  With this powerful web-based EPoS system, any time, anywhere in the world, any number of users have access to live and archive sales data, via a computer, tablet, smartphone and more.

TouchOffice Web connects with ICRTouch’s flagship reliable and proven TouchPoint touch screen till software. TouchPoint has been developed over 15 years and (thanks to annual software upgrades) it remains cutting edge.

ICRTouch has over 30 years experience in developing and supplying Electronic Point of Sales systems and we’ve sold approximately 80,000 software licences.

TouchOffice Web view your business anywhere…

TouchOffice Web is the complete EPoS system solution and indispensible tool for any size of business, from a single till, to 10 tills in three branches, to 10,000 tills in 3000 branches. For larger businesses, information can be collated and displayed at either branch or head office level.

TouchOffice Web allows you to remotely view live sales. Plus, it’s not all about the now. TouchOffice Web can access and show historic data too.

In-depth analysis with TouchOffice Web…

TouchOffice Web quickly identifies trends and patterns.

  • TouchOffice Web gives you instant access to specific real-time sales data. All data is pushed into attractive graphs and charts, allowing you to easily spot and identify trends or patterns.
  • Extract financial reports at the click of a button. Export them into PDF and Excel CSV instantly.

Safety first…

If the power fails and your freezer lets you down, at least you’ll be able to count on TouchPoint. When the tills (and the lights) come back on you’ll find you haven’t lost any data. The system is robust and rugged and it doesn’t crash, which means you don’t lose a sale. It can’t re-freeze the ice-cream though.  Sorry.

Plan & Pay on TouchOffice Web​…

  • Stay in control of stock with TouchOffice Web’s stock control system.
  • Frees you from admin.
  • Manage staff easily with TouchOffice Web and you’ll know your business is as cost effective as it can be.
  • View Time & Attendance.
  • Drawing information from ICRTouch’s tested and proven TouchPoint till system, TouchOffice Web tells you which employees are working and how they’ve performed, hour on hour.


We’re confident that our EPoS system offers you more features and flexibility than any on the market today. With nearly 75,000 installs, ICRTouch is leading the field in supplying complete EPoS system solutions for hospitality, catering and retail in the UK.

ICRTouch TouchPoint

TouchPoint Logo

Enhance your business at the point of sale with TouchPoint

ICRTouch’s flagship Electronic Point of Sale touch screen till software TouchPoint is effortless to use, reliable and proven. TouchPoint has been developed over 15 years and (thanks to annual software upgrades) it remains cutting edge.

We’re confident TouchPoint is the most reliable EPoS software of its kind on the market.  ICRTouch has over 30 years experience in developing and supplying EPoS systems and we’ve sold approximately 80,000 EPoS software licences.

TouchPoint when you’re making a sale…

We understand how important it is to keep everything running smoothly. A TouchPoint till system easily handles all your requirements: scanning items, totalling the sale, juggling cash and cards.

The till system can be adapted to your business: from a single touch screen cash register in a small shop to a multi-site business operating many tills.

TouchPoint is simple to use and requires minimal training. New and part-time staff can quickly work a TouchPoint touch screen till with confidence, saving you time and maximising sales.

Rely on TouchPoint to ask the right questions at the right time so you know sales opportunities aren’t being missed. When an item is scanned TouchPoint prompts staff to talk about offers and deals.

With TouchPoint till software we can offer you so much more…

When you choose our TouchPoint touch screen till software you can take your pick of a host of great add-on packages.  Our Electronic Point of Sale product solutions complement each other and you can combine them to meet the specific requirements of your business.

For example our TouchPoint touch screen till system sets the standard for the management of loyalty and discount schemes. Use it to oversee reward points and money-off initiatives at no extra cost: it’s already included in the system. TouchPoint can also build a purchase history for customers and will manage customer account balances. All that adds up to maximised sales and improved targeting.

Combine a TouchPoint till system with ICRTouch’s add-on TouchLoyalty software and you’ll gain a host of extra features specifically designed to boost trade. Together they will allow you to set up and manage much more complex loyalty schemes.

Match TouchPoint with TouchOffice (ICRTouch’s back-office software that functions as a virtual version of what is on your shelves and in your cupboards and cellars). Together they give fantastic control over file maintenance, stock management and reports.

TouchPoint matched with ICRTouch’s revolutionary paperless ordering EPoS hand-held device PocketTouch helps reduce mistakes and speeds up service.

Combine TouchPoint with TouchKitchen to send clear and concise food orders to your chef.

TouchPoint when you need reliability…

If the power fails and your freezer lets you down, at least you’ll be able to count on TouchPoint. When the tills (and the lights) come back on you’ll find you haven’t lost any data. The system is robust and rugged and it doesn’t crash, which means you don’t lose a sale. It can’t re-freeze the ice-cream though.  Sorry.

Looking good…

TouchPoint features eye-catching touchscreen graphics and 1500 settings. It is one of the most adaptable Electronic Point of Sale software packages available in the UK.

Want your tills to match the tablecloths or the branded t-shirts? TouchPoint can be customised using a wide selection of colours and wallpapers. You can also request a bespoke design.

Don’t stop there…

Just like your business, TouchPoint’s architects don’t stand still.  Annual EPoS software updates are available and, on average, TouchPoint grows with 60 new EPoS features per year.

If that isn’t enough for you, TouchPoint’s Etal scripting engine allows you to push the boundaries of your TouchPoint till even further for unrivalled flexibility.

TouchPoint is compatible with keg dispenser monitoring, electronic funds transfer (EFT) software, CCTV, advertising screens, weighing scales, and hotel property management software (PMS).

Vectron POS Mini II

Vectron POS Mini II

High Quality Small Cash Register

The reliable, state-of-the-art technology in the cash till Vectron POS Mini II ensures a very high operating speed. It is equipped with flat keyboard and a small touch screen. High-quality materials guarantee robustness and a long service life. The high-performance, technologically advanced software offers a large number of optimised functions that accelerate and simplify workflows. Vectron POS Mini II is an inexpensive alternative to the POS Vario II, where data entry is mainly carried out via the keyboard and a large touch screen is not required.

The POS systems work without internet connection, all data are saved within the devices, not in a cloud.


  • High-quality, extremely robust housing
  • Elegant, ergonomic design
  • Completely flat display front without dirt-collecting edge
  • Brilliant 17.8 cm (7”) touchscreen
  • Energy-saving display with LED backlight
  • Proven flat keyboard
  • Large memory
  • Numerous interfaces
  • Simple data backup on USB flash drives
  • Perfect protection against viruses and manipulation
  • Adaptable software with flexible graphical user interface
  • Fast, intuitive operation
  • Compatible with all Vectron POS systems
  • Extensive back office connection options