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Enhance your customer experience with a TouchTopUp Pre-Paid Cashless Card Solution

TouchTopUp is a fully integrated pre-paid cashless card system providing proven benefits in both the public and private sectors, including clients in education, healthcare, leisure, corporate and retail across the UK and Europe.

Proven benefits to your business and your customers

Pre-paid cashless systems provide many benefits for the business offering the service and for their customers;

  • Without the hassle of cash, it reduces queueing times and increases the speed of service – meaning you can deal with larger volumes of customers more easily.
  • Transactions are faster and more secure.
  • It provides the business, caterers or local authorities with useful data on sales numbers, income and menu choices, helping to avoid wastage and better respond to demands and trends
  • … therefore saving time and money.

For schools, it helps to ensure that the money given to pupils is spent in school, and because parents can view the details of each individual transaction, they are able to monitor their childrens food choices. It can also help remove the stigma of free school meals by protecting a pupils anonymity at the point of sale. Removing cash from pupils pockets also reduces the opportunity for theft or bullying.

A name you can trust

TouchTopUp is designed and built by leading UK EPoS system provider ICRTouch, with the same reliability and expertise that makes our state-of-the-art TouchPoint Touch Screen point of sales systems the market leader, and backed by the same network of over 300 dealers.

TouchTopUp can be integrated directly into a network of EPoS touch screen tills.

TouchTopUp offers customers the flexibility to top up accounts either on site with cash or via credit or debit cards on the internet:

TouchTopUp securely on site

  • The TouchTopUp secure wall mounted unit provides users with a simple and effective way of topping up their card balances with cash.
  • TouchTopUp features on-screen prompting assists customers with their transactions.
  • TouchTopUp accepts UK coins (5p to £2) and notes (up to £20), though is easily switched to accept different tender, and is already used and loved in Europe.
  • TouchTopUp provides a number of back office functions for system administrators; it will print and email daily reports, monitor how much money has been credited and how many people have used the unit.
  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, TouchTopUp will send an email alert. It will warn you if it is full, or if it needs maintenance.
  • From time to time you’ll want to update your TouchTopUp machine. There’s a handy USB Port which makes upgrading simple.
  • The TouchTopUp unit is made from high grade steel and has twin locks.

TouchTopUp securely online

  • TouchTopUp provides online functionality from desktop, mobile or tablet for customers to manage and monitor their accounts, including topping up their card accounts and viewing transactions right down to individual item details.
  • Touchtopup.net provides the ability to manage multiple customer accounts from a single login, where you are a member of multiple participating schemes; for example, a single user might have accounts for their childrens school meals, the company cafeteria and the Golf Club all accessible and managed via the one login.
  • Touchtopup.net gives users the convenience of being able to top up from a credit or debit card or through their existing online payment accounts (e.g. PayPal)

Try it for yourself:

User: demo@touchtopup.net
Pass: demo

ICRTouch TouchTopup

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