With optional POS integration.

We can integrate our CCTV systems with almost all modern EPOS systems, regardless of your supplier, though will need to carry out a site survey ahead of a quote if you are not an existing customer – both to plan cable routing and estimate time and also to test integration if required.


All the tools you need to help reduce shrinkage

With an integrated CCTV system you can expect to see functions as used on the tills in real time, making it easy to identify any shrinkage where staff may not be charging for all items in a sale. You may also filter playback by event – so for example just see all the refunds in a day, or all sales of a particular item.

While we offer CCTV as a standalone package this is for businesses only, we do not fit or sell domestic CCTV equipment.


UK Businesses lose to Employee theft including fraud (Delta 74)


UK Retail shrinkage caused by employee theft (Centre for Retail Research)